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What a nice dressing table!

  • Author:GoodLife-Elva.
  • Release on :2019-03-04
For women, cosmetics are absolutely indispensable,and today there are all kinds of cosmetics on the market that want to be deeply rooted in the women's market.

How should we storage so many cosmetics?
That is undoubtedly the dressing table.

A beautifuldressingtable,likeabeautifulwardrobe,notonlycarriesthefunctionofputtingthings,butalsoispartofthesenseoflife.Cosmeticsarenotnecessary,andthedressingtableisnotnecessary,buttakingitseriouslyisaprojectionofourserioustreatmentofourselves.

Every girl should have her own dressing table, then fill it up and decorate it into a style that she likes. This beautiful idea is not far from being realized. It is the shadow of a beautiful life.

Let me introduce you a durable & fashion new style makeup table.

Unique new design,Dressing table & desk two in one (Multi function table) 

Jewelry and cosmetics can be stored, the dressing table with light can make women's makeup more convenient. Drawer storage: create a neat desktop.

             Home Manufacturer Luxury Dressing Table Set.

                         HuiZhou Old Tree Furniture.

Wooden make up table with LED light、adapter switch and USB charge
MDF board
Solid wood stand  
3mm mirror
6 bulk can be adjust light; LED E27 can be replaced
With adapter switch
UL/ CE certificate charge
USB charger
4cm thick high denisty sponge
NC hand painting

Product size:
Stool:40*30*40 CM

Have three regular colors(White,Black,Brown)

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