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Sexo Sofá Posições Sexuais

Shenzhen Goodlife Móveis tem desenvolver modelo de massagem sofá que pode ser cadeira sexo em mais de 9 posições sexuais. Abaixo são as posiçõe...

Mesa de maquiagem espelho de madeira com luz LED com adaptador e carga USB

As mulheres são agradáveis ​​aos olhos, a bela maquiagem não apenas faz os outros agradarem aos olhos, mas também os faz se sentirem felizes, se enfeitando com seus corações todos os dias, aproveitando todos os dias com prazer. Como pode ter uma penteadeira que se encaixa bem? Compartilhe esta linda e prática penteadeira hoje, e os amigos que gostam dela podem olhar para ela.

multi functional wall mounted table

Folding desk and wall mounted cabinet combined. If you feel the space in your home is very small&ens...

Inquérito ao cliente

Goodlife Ironing board cabinet hot selling GLI08039

    Goodlife Ironing board cabinet hot selling GLI08039 Space saving wall mount mirror ironing cabinet ; Ironing board folding sto...

GLT18167 Wooden dressing table set

  GLT18167 dressing table set is 2018 hot selling product.MDF table with 6 LED&e...

Blog do CEO

Company Profile.

Shenzhen Goodlife Houseware was founded in 2010, During 9 years from 2010 to 2019, we have develop and improved the mirror jewelry cabinet , it was we...

Coat rack Chaos, I need clean and tidy organized coat cabinet.

Coat rack Chaos, I need clean and tidy organized coat cabinet. Secondary coat,scarf,belt,bags,how can i store it until&e...

Evento de feira

The International Labor Day holiday notice

Dear Value Customers: Shenzhen Goodlife Houseware Co.,Ltd office is closed in observance of&ens...

Goodlife website 12 línguas "para os seus clientes em todo o mundo

Shenzhen Goodlife Houseware Companhia está agora acelerando a promoção do produto ativamente na internet. O novo site da empresa, com 12 diferentes...

Gabinete de engomadoria Board - O mais popular do Produto Este ano a partir de Shenzhen Goodlife

A maioria das famílias estão usando tábua de passar, maso armazenamento tábua de passar, por vezes, torna-se uma tarefa difícil para as donas de ...

Quarto fornecedores de móveis china comemorar o dia nacional

O feriado nacional chinês está chegando na próxima semana, muitas pessoas vão fazer compras durante este tempo, também temos promoção para vend...

Canton Fair está chegando, bem-vindos todos ao cliente visite nosso show room em Shenzhe

O outono está chegando, Outubro está chegando, pode Canton Fair estar muito atrás? Sim, Canton Fair voltando neste mês de outubro, isso significa ...
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How conservation furniture

A desirable furniture to do maintenance work. There are 10 kinds of main methods:
1. Clever gloss paint maintained. Every January, the bicycle polishing wax to wipe evenly over the surface of the furniture, furniture surface clean as new. There are isolated from the air due to wax effect, it grazed furniture wax will not damp, moldy.
2. Clever gloss furniture restoration. Gloss long time on the surface of the furniture will increasingly diminish, if often gauze dipped in toilet water and gently wipe the furniture will look dull luster.
3. Ceramic furniture clever decontamination. Ceramic tables, seat stool, a long time will Muddy traces of oil dirt. Within certain citrus peel contains alkaline, with a dip at the end of it to wipe a little salt, dirt on furniture, ceramics easily removed.
4. Qiao rust metal furniture. Metal furniture, such as coffee table, folding chairs, easy to rust, rust early, it can be a little cotton dipped in vinegar erased. Of old rust, can be used to gently scrape a thin bamboo, then wipe with vinegar cotton, must not use other sharp scraping blade, to avoid damaging the surface of the chromium layer. Metal furniture to buy a new day with a dry cotton wipe wipe, you can maintain a permanent stainless steel.
5. Wooden furniture clever moth. Wooden furniture often put some fine health team or camphor blocks, not only anti-moth-eaten clothes, furniture can also be exempted from borers phenomenon can be shaved garlic small rod into the bore hole and sealed with putty, you can kill the borers off to the cave.
6. Qiao furniture traces of oil removed. Kitchen utensils often caked dirt smears, difficult to wash, sprinkle some corn flour if traces of oil in place, repeatedly wipe with a dry cloth, oil stains easily removed.
7. Qiao refurbished old furniture. Old furniture, paint mottled face off, if you want to refresh Tuojin old paint can be used to open blisters pot of caustic soda solution, painted with a brush the surface of furniture, old paint and then a small moment that wrinkle gently scrape paint chips slag, and wash with clean water, you can play after drying putty, paint refresh.
8. Old Zhangmu Xiang Qiao spit fragrance. Camphor wood furniture use over time, releasing the aroma of camphor wood more and more light. If using fragments of porcelain or glass in the tank wall draw a few traces of aroma can be regenerated.
9. Qiao rust metal handle. On the new handle coated with varnish, stainless steel can be maintained long-term.
10. Furniture mirror clever cleaning, using waste paper to wipe the mirror polished not only fast, smooth and sparkling exception. If the glass mirror after being smoked, use a cloth dipped in warm vinegar erased.