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Wooden mirror makeup table with LED light with adapter and USB charge

  • Author:Goodlife
  • Source:organizerfurniture.com
  • Release on :2019-03-19

                           wooden dressing tablewith lighted mirror

Women are pleasing to the eye, beautiful makeup not only makes others pleasing to the eye, but also makes them feel happy, dressing up with their hearts every day, enjoying every day with pleasure. How can dressing up have a dressing table that fits well? Share this beautiful and practical dressing table today, and friends who like it can look at it.

Crafted with high-quality wood-based panels, the colors are elegant and stylish, the shape is simple, the wide countertops are placed with your favorite skin care products, and the bright mirrors are beautifully decorated to show confidence.

Women love beauty and spend some time every day dressing up in front of the dressing table, especially office workers. Many office workers with formal jobs are required to make light makeup, so they always make makeup before going out. At this time, the dressing table plays an extremely important role. The dressing table is an essential part of every girl's bedroom. If a woman loses it, she will feel insecure.

The modern minimalist dressing table starts from the function and emphasizes the generosity and simplicity of the appearance, reflecting the fast pace of modern life. In the decoration, the main color of black and white gray, with a simple shape, perfect details, creates a sense of fashion and avant-garde. The Chinese dressing table is made of wood, finely crafted and magnificent. The garden dressing table is a kind of mass dressing table, which shows the pastoral atmosphere through decoration, which makes people yearn for nature. Both Chinese and European dressing tables are placed in the same way.

The illuminated mirror can see all the angles of your face, make it easy to wear, and can easily see if there is a problem with your makeup.

After decorating the dressing table, don't forget that there is another important element, that is, the light must be white light, so that you don't feel beautiful when you are at home. After you go out, you find that your face is pale, you really want to go home right away. Make-up remover! In addition, the light must be distributed from the front and evenly distributed. Otherwise, because the light is unevenly distributed during makeup, the shadows on the face will not be good to make up. After all, the shadow and the repairing capacity determine the three-dimensionality of the face. The important steps, remember to pay attention to it!


From the ergonomic point of view, the height of the dressing table is more suitable between 70-75 cm, and the size should be coordinated with the overall size of the room. It should not be too large or too small.

Safety wires connection

A safety interface is used at the connection point of the wire to ensure safety


The configuration is mainly whether the dressing table has a matching chair, and whether it has its own storage space. In fact, some cosmetics are not used every day, and there are often cosmetics that are used seasonally. At this time, it is possible to temporarily not The required cosmetics are stored and the table top can be kept clean and tidy.

The dressing table has become one of the must-have furniture for most women's homes. Beauty is a romantic process. Every girl has the right to become beautiful. So, please let all the girls choose their favorite dressing table. !