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Canton Fair is coming,welcome all customer visit our show room in Shenzhe

  • Author:Ella
  • Source:Goodlife
  • Release on :2014-10-09
The Autumn is coming,October is coming,can Canton Fair be far behind?

Yes,Canton Fair coming again this October,it means we are going to the busy season in a year,many customer,buyers and purchaser from all over the world will come to China for seeking their wanted products.We are the furniture industry,it also attract many customer to China to see more new idea,and we will have many customer have made a appointment during this period,here we warmly welcome everyone’s coming on behalf of our company.

What’s more,we also make full preparations to welcome your coming,our R&D department have launched a series of new wooden jewelry cabinet,wooden shoe rack ,wooden jewelry box and other wooden furniture new designed We have created something difference,it must will let your eyes light up So stay tuned

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