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What wooden furniture will be popular in 2014,Europe or America ?

Jenny Goodlife 2014-09-23 16:52:31
In 2014,There blew up a retro fashion wind,”Retro “means trace past essence and extended the essence into real life The powerful retro wind also blow to the furniture market,like European classical furniture, with exquisite hand-carved cutting, symmetry and rhythmic curve or surface structure, and decorative with golden or cooper parts,make furniture owner feeling like in a royalty. Goodlife houseware new arrival mirrored jewelry cabinet GLD13338 will bring you this honor feeling.

While each person has different requirements to wooden furniture,some prefer European and while others more like Minimalist America style,America stand for simple and smooth design line,its aim at more close to nature and focus on texture and strong minimalist art style,this is especially popular among young people ,Such as Goodlife top-1 selling jewelry armoire GLD13318, It is hot-sell for it simple design but practical function. Young customer especially in USA like it so much.

While No piper can please all ears ,Along with the strong desire to satisfy different customers there has a new worded named “customize”,People can make their idea turn out to be a reality,Under the help of professional designer and R&D working,No matter Europe or America style,Folks could have their Favorite wood furniture by customized service As a professional mirrored furniture supplier,Goodlife has make many OEM order for customer,such as wall mount ironing board in cabinet GLD08031,it has been got good market feedback after it was launched on April 2014

No matter European-style retro luxury custom furniture OR minimalist modern American style, as long as you can make furniture play a home decor role and in accordance with your own home style,it is the most suitable furniture for you .