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Wall mounted and over door cabinets from Shenzhen Goodlife Houseware Company

  • Author:Maureen
  • Source:Goodlife
  • Release on :2014-09-29

We Shenzhen Goodlife Houseware Company, as a multiple function houseware and furniture supplier, we are keeping on creating wonderful products.
We found that wall mounted and over the door cabinets are welcome nowadays, so this year we created many wall mounted and over the door cabinets.
Wall mounted cabinets are fixed on the wall by screws. There are 2 screw holes on the back of the cabinets, people need to nail the screws in the wall first, and then hang the cabinets by the screw holes on the wall.
Over the door cabinets are hung by the door with 2 pcs long metal and white color hooks. People need to fix the hooks on the back of the cabinet first, and then hang the whole cabinet on the door.
Actually we always gather wall mounted and over the door 2 functions together on a same product. That means for 1 cabinet, customer get 2 options to fix the cabinets in the house, it can be wall mounted, and can be hung over the doors.
We always make the products into multiple functions, and hope it can help customer to build an easier life.