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How to purchase a good home furniture

  • Author:Jenny
  • Source:Goodlife
  • Release on :2014-10-03

1 consider your place  the weather and climate

Consider your living place  weather and climate. Is it rain frequency ? or located in the tropics, and the influx of hot?  Since direct sunlight will cause cracking of wood furniture, and metal will be high temperature under  the strong sunshine.

2, material important than the appearance

Home furniture material is very important because it determines the future maintenance conditions, so do not just look at the appearance when you purchase. Most likely to take care of your wood furniture.

6  the cabinet storage space

Under normal circumstances, the furniture is only 1-2 years usage  so if you buy new furniture , make sure to leave some of their storage space. The most space-saving folding style, you can also watch some of the styles can simultaneously suited for indoor and outdoor use, this furniture can double the advantage, but also saves a lot of budget.

11 multifunction is the fashion.

Multipurpose furniture such as shoe rac stool, it

Could be used as not only a soft stool,als can be used as place  wearing shoes, why not put it inside to save space.