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Why American young people don't want buy a house?

  • Author:Shelly
  • Source:Goodlife
  • Release on :2014-10-07
The younger generation in the United States are referred to as "Gen Y", from 1979 to 1995  Gen Y's attitudes towards for housing is very different with the "Baby Boomer" (born in 1946 to 1964), their attitude to the influence of the real estate market cannot be underestimated .

GenY like lively and?convenience city, more than 82% of the people want live near to the school and work, 76% hope to have the possibility of walking out go to work or school , 71% of people like close to eating, shopping and other places of entertainment.

For young people don’t have much money to rent a big house ,So the small family rent has become more and more popular . In order to meet this trend and requirement , Modern furniture will occupy the market in the future wooden mirror jewelry armoire ,wooden shoe cabinet ,wooden makeup box ,This all you can find it out from Shenzhen Goodlife Houseware Co.,Ltd .