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MDF with melamine shoe storage cabinets

  • Author:Maureen
  • Source:Goodlife
  • Release on :2014-10-10
We Shenzhen Goodlife Houseware Company are a furniture supplier of China, and shoe cabinet is one of our core products.
Our shoe cabinets are mainly made of melamine MDF board and other material such as glass mirror, plastic and metals parts.
Melamine MDF board is an excellent wood material, it’s a MDF board covered by melamine coating.
-It can be with many different beautiful printing patterns.
-It has strong rigidity.
-It’s anti-scratching.
-It’s waterproof, mildew proof and heatproof.
-It’s with strong chemical resistance, such as acid, alkali, grease, alcohol and etc.
-It’s with smooth surface and easy to clean.
-It’s non- formaldehyde and ecofriendly.

With this excellent MDF wood material, we created such safe and good quality shoe cabinets, which are loved by our customers. And we will keep on creating more for the world.