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How we pack mirror jewelry armoire

Maureen Goodlife 2014-10-17 22:23:32
We Shenzhen Goodlife Houseware Company as a famous Chinese mirror jewelry armoire supplier, we have very good experience on selling the armoires.
There is glass mirror in the armoire, and people always will worry about the safety of the mirror and product. So we here explain how we pack mirror jewelry armoire.
First, we use very good master cartons, A=A quantity is our general standard; this material is very strong and hard.
And then, we use specially shaped poly foam to protect the products and parts. We do knocked-down packing for all floor stand mirror jewelry armoire.
The stand will be knocked into several parts and put into the cartons. And there is special position to hold these parts. They won’t be moved in the cartons.
The whole armoire will be surrounded and protected by strong poly foam. We put a hard MDF board on top of the poly foam of the mirror’s side to cover it, so nothing will touch the mirror’s side; nothing can broke the mirror then.
Above is for wholesale packing, and when we ship 1 or 2 pcs mirror jewelry armoire samples by express, beside above packing, we will make wooden frame outside the cartons for extra protecting. Samples will be always safe too.
And another important thing is, we will put a set of printed assembling user manual into every set of product, people can easily assemble the product themselves.