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Tabletop jewelry cabinet, makeup box and watch box from Shenzhen Goodlife Houseware

  • Author:Maureen
  • Source:Goodlife
  • Release on :2014-10-24
We Shenzhen Goodlife are house ware products supplier, and most of our products are big wooded furniture, but we also have small items, such as tabletop jewelry cabinets, makeup boxes, and watch boxes.
GLD13310, GLD13311, GLD13334 and GLD13323 are all mini size jewelry cabinets with makeup mirror. Tabletop stand jewelry storage cabinet and mirror are combined together, women even man would like to use these mini cabinets for daily life.
GLD08055, GLD08056, GLD08057 and GLD08058 are tabletop cosmetic boxes, they can organize both jewelry and cosmetics, with a top mirror it can be the best partner of life. And this is the most popular cosmetic box series. No matter in America, Europe or in the Middle East countries, people all love this series.
GLD10022, GLD10023 and GLD10025 are watch boxes for organizing and storing watches mainly, there are soft watch pillows which can hold watch belts in the box.
These tabletop items are small and cheap but very useful and helpful; they are one of the most popular parts in our product range. Hope all people enjoy our wonderful products.