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Electric lift desk - Shenzhen Goodlife begins to work on intelligent furniture

  • Author:Maureen
  • Release on :2015-05-07

We ShenzhenGoodlife have started the research and development of intelligent furniture.Now the first item - an electric lift desk has been created. We code it GLT12061.

GLT12061 ispowered by electricity to enable the desk to get down and up. The max height canbe 1.4 meter. No matter short or tall people, it can fit them well; people onlyneed to press the electric button to adjust the needed height for them. And there are feet wheels to make this desk easy to move.

There are 3 drawersin the desk for storage. In office, it’s a great work desk, for one person orfor group work; people can both sit or stand with it as needed.

For home, besidesbeing a study or computer desk, we make a wall mounted mirror and a table topstorage shelf combine with the desk, then it becomes a dressing table forbedroom. People can adjust the desk height as they want.

This electric liftdesk is only our first trial of intelligent furniture, and we don’t stopworking on this field, customers will see more and more intelligent furniture from us in future.