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Shenzhen Goodlife 2015 Team Training

  • Author:Maureen
  • Release on :2015-05-09

We Shenzhen Goodlife company have the teamtraining every year. And we finished this year’s team training lately.

This team training took one whole day. Allmembers went into the training center, to finish all kinds of teamwork jobs,through these jobs we learn how to work as a team. Honestly all jobs are noteasy. And each job needs everybody to work together.

Sometimes, the job looked like a game, evenpretty interesting game, everyone had fun, but we were also given a goal, andit’s not easy to reach.

We had to learn how to play, how to practiceand strengthen skills, how to do work allocation, how to make a plan, how tolisten to the leader, how to manage our own role, how to manage success, how tomanage failure, how to help others and how to endure or insist.

When we finished all the jobs, everyone seemedhappy but calm. All the doubts and worry were gone; we did the things wethought we could not. We learned we actually were stronger than we thought. Webelieve our Goodlife team will be stronger and stronger than before.