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Furniture Beauty

Daily life, sometimes encountered Furniture dirt, marks or cracks phenomenon, so not only unsightly, but also may affect the results. At this point you can do it yourself beauty of furniture, are presented in the following ways:

1. Rattan or bamboo products with a long time will be fouling, salt water can scrub, both decontamination, but also to make it soft pine toughness.

2. After the paste fire board tea table tea, course of time will leave unsightly patches of dirt at tea on the table. This can sprinkle some water in the tea table, with a cigarette box of aluminum foil to wipe, then scrub with water, you can put the tea stain wash. This method scrubbing tea has the same effect. Hot cup etc. directly on the furniture finish, will leave a circle of white hot mark, generally as long as coal oil, alcohol, toilet water or tea dampened cloth to wipe. With iodine in the burn marks gently wipe, or coated with Vaseline oil, every two days and then rag burn marks can be removed.

3. Cigarette butts, ashes or burning objects out of the match and so on, sometimes leaving scorch marks on the furniture finish. If you just paint surface burning, may be coated on the layer of fine toothpick hard cloth, gently wipe marks, and then coated with a layer of wax, scorch marks can be removed.

4. Home white table, white chairs very dirty easily, and wipe with a cloth is not easy to dirty marks. We can try to squeeze toothpaste on a clean cloth, wipe the white furniture, just gently rub the oil will be removed. Because toothpaste contains abrasives has strong decontamination effect. But be careful, do not force too large, otherwise it will damage the film and counterproductive.

5. If the furniture paint scratches, paint untouched under the wood, the furniture is available with the same color crayon or paint, furniture wound smear, cover the exposed background, and then coated with a thin transparent layer of nail polish can be.

6. When confronted with wooden furniture or floor cracks phenomenon, the first or old newspapers cut into pieces, add appropriate amount of alum, with water or rice soup boiled paste it, then use a knife to embed the cracks and smooth, dries on the very solid. Then cover with the same color paint, wood can be restored to the original appearance.